Friday, June 29, 2018

"chronicles" quote. unquote.

 ive been doing well, even with my disappearance
since i was last here,
i moved (three? four? times)
i got a car
i totaled the car
(a semi truck laying sideways
across the lanes on the freeway
we hit a guardrail that it had dismembered
we were ok, the car not so much)
i lived by myself (ish) for a year
i was hired to a job i love
i went through TWO MORE Official Winters
i got married (january. as in, 5 months ago)

not an exhaustive list, definitely not all inclusive.
but those are the big things.

im not inspired as often anymore,
but im okay with that, because
i know i often found inspiration
in sadness and pain.
melancholy and the like.
which means
i am very content with my current life.
im happy.

so much for Chronicles of my life.



I love this, so there is hope! congratulations on your marriage! and surviving to happiness.

saz x FFS formerly FFF

signed in under group blog

Sweet pea said...

Thank you saz! Theres always hope. I really hoped it would hold true, and as it turns out, it did :)