Tuesday, July 26, 2011

heartbreak and grief

how much grief
do you think
one heart can take?

how much can it handle?
how much will make it bend?
how much will make it crack?
how long can it hold out
until it breaks completely?

does grief break a heart
into a thousand tiny pieces?
all jagged and splintered?
or does the heart break cleanly,
into just a few, smooth pieces?

do the pieces hurt?
or does the heart become numb
after enough splintering?

it is so unbelievably sad
and heartbreaking
to see someone
so unbelievably sad
and heartbroken.


bbonnieblue said...

i hope its not your heart...

sweet pea. said...

not totally mine, no.

L.A Speedwing said...

nice dark piece as usual.

Heather said...

It can handle a lot more than we'd think.
Always bending, sometimes fragmenting, but never shattering.
It will always get better. <3