Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Want.....
I Want...
..a friend
thats around
at all times.
..for people
to shut their faces
..for people
to stop hating
for reasons unknown
..a smile
..to find my

one and only
..for the world
to stop judging
..for school
to go jump
off a cliff
..to go visit
places unseen
..a few hugs
and some
..for people
to leave me alone
when i want to be
..to walk away
from everything
and everyone
..to move
far away
..to never
grow up
and be a kid
..for life to
be easier,
and not hard
like it is
for every
..to learn
to let go
..to be happy

and not have
"sad attacks"
when im real sad
for no reason
..to walk
..to sit
in the rain
and look up
at the stars
and let
the tears fall.
the tears
that have been
bulding up
over time
..an english muffin
with a cuppa tea
..for life
to stop,
slow down,
and wait
a minute.
some people
cant seem to
catch up.
..an extra large
hug please.
I want....

i want
too much

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