Sunday, April 15, 2007

my favorite place

In the heart of the woods
Under the sky
In the middle of nowhere
Where I can “fly”

Let my thoughts wander
Far deep and far wide
And let them all tumble
Like an ocean inside

Next to a river
Next to a stream
Next to a lake
Where I can scream,
At times out of anger
Others from joy
And then out of sadness
Because of “that one boy”

This would be
My favorite place
To get away
From everyone’s face

‘Cause sometimes they make me
Feel so lost
Just drifting aimlessly
Like a snowflake of frost

I like to go
And sit alone
On a big ole rock
And pretend it’s a throne

And have some fun
Just for myself
And no one else
Not even an elf

Away from those losers
I call my best friends
I wanna walk to
Where the world ends

In the heart of those woods
Under that sky
In the middle of nowhere
I will go fly.

1 comment:

vika =D said...

oh my gosh!
i can take you there!
seriously i know this place.